Celsa Armeringsstål AS is one of several companies receiving support from Enova.

Criteria for Enova funding

27 May, 2015 12:35 Del Del Del

Enova is a state-owned enterprise owned by the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy. Enova’s “Funding for energy initiatives in industry” programme is helping to bring about renewable, efficient energy consumption in Norwegian industry.

A number of elements have to be in place for projects to be granted funding.

– We look at energy efficiency first of all. The project has to help reduce energy consumption for each unit produced. We also look at the utilisation of surplus energy, such as heat or cold recovery for the company’s own use or for supplying to others, and possibly recovery for power production. We also assess conversion to renewable energy from fossil fuels or electric thermal supply to renewable sources, says Evy Aspheim, senior communication advisor at Enova.

She adds that projects have to result in reduced energy consumption, recovered energy and/or conversion to renewable energy totalling at least 100,000 kWh per year. The initiative has to be implemented in Norwegian territory or in the Norwegian economic zone.

Applications are prioritised on the basis of the extent to which they offer compliance with the following:

– ambitious energy target in relation to the total energy consumption of the company

– long service life for the energy result

– high energy result in relation to causative funding (kWh per NOK of funding)

– documented feasibility

– It is particularly important for the company to take the opportunity to submit the application before making a decision on the project. Our funding is meant to be causative, so we are unable to fund projects which have already been started, points out Aspheim.

– Apply when the project has been clearly defined and has all the necessary information in place,” she continues. “There are no set deadlines for applications, and consideration of the case begins as soon as we have received the application. Cases involving funding of more than NOK 20 million have to be considered by the Board, so you have to allow more time for the case to be considered, concludes Evy Aspheim at Enova.

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