From left: general manager Alf Andreas Øverli of Rana Industriterminal AS, Fridtjof Wangsvik of the Norwegian Coastal Administration Nordland, and project manager Reidar Ryssdal of Rana Utviklingsselskap AS.

– Hugely impressed

16 December, 2015 13:42 Del Del Del

Fridtjof Wangsvik, the Norwegian Coastal Administration’s regional director in Nordland, was in Mo i Rana recently in order to familiarise himself with the port and industry. He saw a presentation of the deepwater quay project during his visit.

“I was hugely impressed with what I saw in the presentation. Industry is complex here. The deepwater quay project is very good, and we are very pleased to have good projects in Nordland,” says Wangsvik, who points out that it is now important to highlight the effects of a deepwater quay and the development opportunities this will offer to companies and industry.

The regional director promises that the Norwegian Coastal Administration will use the powers available to them to make a positive contribution to the implementation of the project.

“But the Norwegian Coastal Administration does not allocate funding to projects of this kind. Our primary objective is to develop maritime transport and ensure that our shipping channels and approaches are safe. Whether this area will become part of the shipping channel is something we will have to look at more closely. And this is precisely why we have to consider who will benefit from the project. Clarifying this will be extremely important,” says Wangsvik.


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