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Important energy research for industry and the environment

27 May, 2015 11:49 Del Del Del

– Although many people are aware that energy has to be used for industry, not everyone understands this.

This means that the nation does not know enough about how important future industry is to Norwegian society,” says Helge Stanghelle, Energy Director at Fesil Rana Metall AS.

A number of industrial enterprises have joined forces for the “Platform for development of industry and energy in Northern Norway” project, including Mo Industripark AS and Fesil Rana Metall AS.

– Facilitating the development of industry on the basis of energy and minerals is an initiative that has continued over a number of years. New scope opened up when the Nordland Research Institute wanted to join in, and to date we have passed on a lot of knowledge to researchers which they did not have previously. The county authorities have also completely switched their focus on the importance of industry in Nordland, explains Stanghelle.



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