Safety in Mo Industrial Park

Industrial activity represents a risk of adverse events and require high attention and a good relationship to security procedures. Anyone working in the industrial park must have attended safety course at MIP Security Center.

Mo Industripark AS has overall responsibility for security, while each company has responsibility within their areas.

MIP Security Center keeps safety course and maintains readiness of fire engines and ambulances through a joint industry protection plan for Mo Industrial Estate

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We have gathered the most important factors for visitors to Mo Industrial Park. At the bottom of the page you can also see the entire industry protection plan for Mo Industrial Estate.

There is no truck stop in Mo Industrial Park, meaning that sleeping in vehicles overnight is not allowed on the premises of the park.

Common procedures for fall prevention

Mann i kran

When working at heights greater than two metres without fixed platforms fall prevention equipment must be used.

Common procedures - fall protection

Secure job analysis

When working in dangerous areas you must analyse the situation with a secure job analysis. This analysis shall assist in enabling you to understand the potential dangers, and take suitable precautions before starting the work. Use this standardized form:

Common Safe job analysis form MIP (English)Risk analysis (Norwegian)

Gates and access

Because of the type of work associated with the process industry, almost the whole of Mo Industrial Estate is fenced off. The Estate has five gates. One at the gate watch, one near Skansen, one at the industrial terminal, one near the plateau, and one facing Hammeren. To start with you will only have access to the gate nearest your workplace. Visitors and employees may obtain permanent or temporary access permission. Permission is granted by the gate watch who can also give guidance on how you find your firm.

The gate watch is manned:

07:30 to 16:00 on weekdays.

Driving and traffic safety

The usual traffic rules such as the duty to give way and road signs apply in Mo Industrial Estate. The speed limit is 40 km/hour unless otherwise signposted.

The traffic in Mo Industrial Park differs in that there are large vehicles that may be transporting molten slag, metal, or other loads. These have long braking distances, especially during the winter. Slippery road surfaces increase the braking distance. During darkness it can be difficult to see the large containers that project from the side of the vehicle, and the drivers can have difficulty seeing you if you’re not wearing a reflecting garment.

An example of danger areas is the crossroad behind the gate at Skansen. Much traffic flows through the gate, large vehicles from Celsa pass by, and there is a traffic flow from the rolling mill route. The right-of-way for traffic from the machine shop road is cancelled just here, and traffic must drive slowly through the crossroad.

Parking shall be done only at approved parking places otherwise dangerous situations can occur especially for emergency vehicles.

 Industry protection plan (Norwegian)


Gas and electricity

1·5% of the electricity in Norway is used at Mo Industrial Estate. The electrical installations are dangerous even without direct contact. These are therefore fenced off and access is strictly forbidden.

Several tens of kilometres of gas piping provide an effective distribution of CO, propane, acetylene, oxygen, compressed air, and nitrogen that are mostly used in the process industry.

At some points the gas pipes cross road traffic routes. You have to be aware of this when transporting high loads.

CO gas is especially dangerous, and is used in large quantities. This gas is stored intermediately in a gasometer. This gas is very poisonous, easily ignited, odourless, and invisible. There is a security zone around the gasometer measuring 120 metres where no work shall be carried out without the approval of the Estate’s Energy Central. A similar zone round gas pipes measures 3 metres. When working inside the security zones or other risky places you must use a gas measuring instrument.

Felles overordnet risikoanalyse for Mo Industripark

Risk analysis (Norwegian)

Accident notification

If an accident occurs, you can ring for help on the normal, national emergency number.

If the accident isn’t acute then you can ring the Estate’s Security Centre.

Fire and gas events




Medical assistance


MIP Security Center

75 13 62 05