Hans Marius Mastermo i Momek Fabrication AS i samtale med besøkende på standen til Momek Group AS.

Momek with its own stand

27 October, 2014 13:31 Del Del Del

“Oil and Gas Cluster Helgeland have done a brilliant job when it comes to devising a solid programme for the event. And Petro Arctic are doing a great job for the supplier environment in the region.”

These are the words of Hans Marius Mastermo of Momek Fabrication AS.

Momek Group AS had their own stand at ONS 2014, right opposite Oil and Gas Cluster Helgeland. Plenty of people visited their stand, as expected.

“ONS is a venue where we can forge contacts. We look after the people we know and meet lots of new people too,” explains Hans Marius Mastermo.

He commends Kjell Giæver and Bjørn Audun Rise for the work they did.

“During ONS, it became clear that Statoil is looking to reduce the extent of maintenance work in future.

– This is not all that significant as far as we are concerned. We supply installations that are long-term investments, and these will not be affected in the same way. Moreover, a lot of our commissions are linked to supplying to other parts of the world,” says Mastermo.

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