Den legendariske Bruce Dickinson, vokalist i rockebandet Iron Maiden, holdt et meget inspirerende foredrag under Smelteverket i Momek-hallen. Bildet er fra en av hans rockekonserter.

The ideas are always there – we just don’t see them

9 February, 2015 14:38 Del Del Del

The legendary Bruce Dickinson, vocalist of the rock band Iron Maiden, gave a very inspiring lecture in the Momek hall beneath the Smelting Plant.

The topic was innovation, and Bruce Dickinson is also a successful businessman and entrepreneur, an inspirer in the field of management thinking, a marketing director and a pilot. He is a very engaging and interesting lecturer, and he presented a large audience with a number of examples to consider. And this was maybe his main objective – to persuade the people present to think about things in new ways and to look differently at the things which surround us in our day-to-day lives.

At the Smelting Plant, he met around 700 people, students and representatives of trade and industry in Rana and Nordland.

Del Del Del