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Infinium and Mo Industrial Park Announce Collaboration to Develop Commercial eFuels Project

11 January, 2024 12:39 Del Del Del

SACRAMENTO, Calif., USA and Mo i Rana, Helgeland, Norway (January 10, 2024) – eFuels provider Infinium and Mo Industrial Park (Mo Industripark AS) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to develop Norway’s first advanced eFuels production facility in Mo i Rana, Norway. Infinium eFuels are made using waste carbon dioxide (CO2) and renewable energy-derived green hydrogen and can help decarbonize hard to abate sectors including aviation and maritime shipping. Mo i Rana has committed land for the eFuels project and renewable power required to produce green hydrogen as a feedstock for the Infinium process.

Mo Industrial Park is the leading industrial development zone in Northern Norway. One hundred and ten businesses occupy the park, ranging from recycled steel product manufacturers to industrial laboratories. In total, around 2,900 people work within the companies in the industry park, which is known for its ambitious goals relating to climate, sustainability, and the circular economy.

Infinium has previously announced eFuels projects in South Texas and West Texas in the United States, with offtake commitments from Amazon and American Airlines respectively, and in Dunkirk, France in partnership with Engie. The new Norwegian project will have the capacity to produce an initial 2,000 barrels per day (BPD) of eFuels including eSAF, eDiesel and eNaphtha with the capacity to expand. Infinium has more than a dozen projects in development globally.

“The industry in Mo Industrial Park provides ample access to the CO2 we use as a feedstock in our proprietary production process and its leaders have a very clear vision and a well-developed and sophisticated plan for achieving emissions reductions,” said Robert Schuetzle, CEO at Infinium. “The synergies of our partnership will allow Mo i Rana to play a leading and decisive role in advancing the development of eFuels in Europe.”

“Carbon capture, utilization and storage will provide solutions for strengthening our existing industry as well as offer competitive advantages for new industrial projects. We see eFuels as valuable and innovative solutions to reduce the overall CO2 impact of the park while also helping reduce transport emissions in sectors that are particularly challenged,” said Arve Ulriksen, CEO of Mo Industrial Park. “Infinium, as a world leader with commercial eFuels projects well underway and an impressive track record of forging commercial partnerships, was the obvious partner for us. We look forward to leading the development of the eFuels industry in Norway and supporting Europe’s efforts to achieve net zero.”

About Infinium

Infinium is an electrofuels provider on a mission to decarbonize the world. Electrofuels are a new class of synthetic fuels made using renewable power and waste carbon dioxide, not petroleum or resources needed to produce food. Infinium electrofuels can be dropped into existing trucks, planes, and ships, significantly reducing harmful carbon dioxide emissions compared to fossil-based fuels. In addition to helping the transport industry meet carbon reduction goals, Infinium electrofuels are a lower carbon alternative for chemical processing, including plastics production. Learn why Amazon and other leading cleantech investors have chosen Infinium at

About Mo Industrial Park

Mo Industripark AS (MIP AS) is the property and infrastructure company in the industrial park. The main tasks for Mo Industripark AS is to manage, develop and carry out operation of properties, infrastructure, facilities and equipment in the industrial park and adapt for new establishments and market the industrial park as an establishment location. The MIP Sustainability program support the ambition to be a world class green industrial park through reduction of emissions, energy efficiency and circular economy. More information at



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