Mo Industripark AS (MIP AS)  is the property and infrastructure company in the industrial park. The main tasks for Mo Industripark AS is to manage, develop and carry out operation of properties, infrastructure, facilities and equipment in the industrial park and adapt for new establishments and market the industrial park as an establishment location.

MIP AS also works at the local, regional and national level to ensure that the industry has the best possible framework conditions.

The company is organised into five operating departments each providing various services and carrying out different operations. MIP AS is the parent company in the MIP Group and has five subsidiaries: Svabo Industrinett AS, Rana Industriterminal AS, Mo Fjernvarme AS, MIP Miljøkraft AS og Arctic Circle Data Center AS

Owners of Mo Industripark AS:

Helgeland Industriutvikling AS 49,28%,
Celsa Armeringsstål AS 30,28%
Øijord & Aanes AS 20,43%

Mo Industripark AS

Employees: 52

Share capital: NOK 75,000,000

Business registration number: 914 780 152

Invoicing address: 

Visiting address: Halvor Heyerdahls vei 48, N-8626 Mo i Rana, Norway

Postal address: PO Box 500, N-8601 Mo i Rana, Norway


Department MIP Market & Property (MIP Marked og Eiendom)

MIP Market & Property (MIP Marked og Eiendom) takes care of development and operation of the MIP Group’s buildings, lots, waste disposal sites, roads and parking facilities. In addition we manage the quay facilities in the industrial park and a 2.8 km long conveyer belt from a public port to facilities in the industrial park (Vikaband).

The buildings include an area of approx. 110,000 m2.

Department MIP Security & Service (MIP Sikkerhet og Service)

MIP Security & Service (MIP Sikkerhet og service) has responsibility for a common industrial safety response in Mo Industrial park. Equipped with its own ambulance and fire truck, they ensure a round-the-clock readyness. In addition, they offer a number of courses within safety, machine operator courses, first aid and others.

They also supply different types of safety material to companies in the industrial park, distributing and collecting mail on behalf of several companies inside and outside the industrial park, switchboard services and telephony services, archiving and shredding services.

Department MIP Energy & IT (MIP Energi og IT)

Department MIP Energy & IT distributes oxygen, nitrogen, compressed air, CO gas, acetylene and propane via the pipe network in the industrial park. The department has the operation of water supply (3 dam systems in the Andfisk water system) and waste. The department also produces electrical power in connection with the water and waste system. The department also takes care of operation and maintenance of production and distribution equipment for Mo Fjernvarme AS. They also operate a fibre optic network within the park.

Svabo Industrial Grid (Svabo Industrinett)

Electricity (MIP Industrinett AS) distributes electrical power to customers in the industrial park, through operation of transformer installations and power supply grid in the industrial park.

Power settlement (for customers)

Rana Industrial Terminal (Rana Industriterminal)

Rana Industriterminal AS (RIT AS) is a fully owned subsidiary of Mo Industripark AS. RIT AS has operational responsibility for the industrial terminal with loading, unloading and handling of products and documents in connection with receipt. In addition RIT AS takes care of intermediate storage and shipping.

Rana Industriterminal AS

Mo District Heating (Mo Fjernvarme)

Mo Fjernvarme AS (distric heating) is a subsidiary of Mo Industripark AS, where Mo Industripark AS owns 60% and Helgeland Kraft AS owns 40%. Located in the Mo Industrial Park, the company produces district heating from surplus heat from the industry and distributes this to customers in Mo i Rana, Mjølan and Selfors. Annually, enough energy is produced to heat up 6,000 single family houses. The district heating facility in Mo i Rana is in normal years as good as CO2 neutral.

The Environment


Mo Industrial Park is one of the largest within recycling in Norway. Here recycling is a prioritised business area. We utilise, for example, all water through the industrial park three to four times. We ensure a cost-effective utilisation of surplus energy in the process companies. We are the pusher for projects that will ensure the employee’s health. It is useful. We have a low rate of absence due to illness and receive an ever increasing sustainable industry.



The history of Rana industry is closely linked to the construction and operation of A/S Norsk Jernverk. The Norwegian Parliament decided unanimously to build the ironworks in Mo i Rana in 1946. The history stretches all the way back to the 1890’s.

In 1988 the Norwegian Parliament decided upon a reorganisation of the state industry in Rana and large parts of the property and infrastructure were transferred to what is today Mo Industripark AS.



Mo Industripark AS (MIP AS) is in regular contact with the community, either within politics and administration, within trade organisations and in relation to co-operation with the school system.

Locally MIP AS is a significant player on the sponsor market in Rana. Most of the support is given to sports and culture, where children and youths are prioritised.

Contact information to management group in Mo Industripark AS and subsidiaries