Responsibility for emissions

Each of the companies in Mo Industrial Park is responsible for their own emissions. Mo Industripark AS can only be responsible for emissions as a result of our activity.

Emission limits

Several of the companies Mo Industrial Park have emission limits, issued by The Norwegian Environment Agency, linked to their production. The permits for emissions from companies with reporting obligations to the Environmental Directorate can be found here.


If you do not know what company the complaint shall be directed toward, then we can help you. Send an e-mail to  and we will forward it to the correct company.

The work on developing profitable green solutions is organized under the umbrella MIP Sustainability.

Emissions to air

utslipp til luft

In 2006, the total annual dust emissions both through pipes and as diffused emissions was calculated as being in the upper edge of 700 tonnes from industries in Mo Industrial Park. (NILU). The annual dust emissions in 1970 were at least 20,000 tonnes dust, defined as emissions through pipes. Those were different times, with different attitudes and different technology.

The processing companies in the industrial park have put into place a range of small and large measures to limit the spread of dust emissions. This applies both internally in the individual company and as a common measure, among others a comprehensive sweeping programme for roads and warehouse spaces in the industrial park. It works. During the course of the past 10 years the number of days with daily excesses and lower general concentration of suspended dust have been reduced considerably.

Emissions to water


Mo Industripark AS monitors emissions to the main drain from industrial companies. Through an expansion of the number of measuring stations we have a better overview over the sources of the emissions. Here is an overview over development of emissions in the main drain. The larger companies have emission concessions from the Norwegian Environment Agency (KLIF).

Some of the measures taken against emissions in the last 5 years

Mo Industripark AS has paved new areas totaling 100 acres in the Industrial Estate in the period 2007-2012 . Much of this is done to prevent dust escape.

Mo Industripark AS planted grass on 30 acres of land to prevent dust escape.

An intensive sweep program for roads and storage areas one started . Sweep-trucks drives around on dry days . New equipment at suppliers also allows for sweeping the winter.

New treatment plant at SMA Mineral AS 2008

Rebuilding process at the steel mill to Celsa Armeringsstål AS , and its new treatment plant in 2008. ( Consteel facility )

New furnacetop at Glencore Manganese Norway AS in 2008