Sintef Norlab skifter navn til Nemko Norlab / Sintef Norlab changes name to Nemko Norlab

Sintef Norlab becomes Nemko Norlab

24 June, 2022 16:05 Del Del Del

Nemko has acquired Mo Industripark’s shares in the company that from now on will be known as Nemko Norlab. – This is a good strategic choice for Nemko Norlab, and will strengthen their opportunities for further growth, Arve Ulriksen, CEO of Mo Industripark, says.

Mo Industripark AS (“Mo Industrial Park”) owned 23,2 percent of the shares in the company previously known as Sintef Norlab. Prior to Nemko’s acquisition the company now called Nemko Norlab had 120 employees in Norway. Nemko thus doubles its number of employees in Norway, to 240. Globally Nemko now employs has 750 people.

Arve Ulriksen emphasizes that the sale is motivated by the desire to give Nemko Norlab even better opportunities to grow. This will in its turn have positive effects for the industrial cluster in Mo Industripark.

-We’re doing this to contribute to further strengthen Nemko Norlab’s growth opportunities. This will give them a strategic edge in an exciting market, says Arve Ulriksen. -We’re selling to a company that is a perfect fit for Nemko Norlab, and that has experienced increased demand for exactly the kind of services that Nemko Norlab offers.


For more information, see press release from Nemko here: SINTEF Norlab joins Nemko

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