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  • 11 October, 2014

    – Som autoriserte leger står vi på lister som ligger ute på internett. Det betyr at personell som skal ut på offshoreoppdrag kan få sin godkjenning hos oss, forteller bedriftslege Petra Reckert ved Helse & Sikkerhet SA. Begge bedriftslegene ved Helse & Sikkerhet SA er nå autoriserte for godkjenning av personell til offshore, både til plattformer og skip.
  • 26 September, 2014

    On Friday November 14 the festival “Smelteverket” starts, with a twist and with international star Bruce Dickinson as the first speaker. It is the third consecutive year that “Smelteverket  arranged in Mo Industrial Park. This year innovation, creating joy and industry is high on the agenda. The conference will be followed by a dinner and concerts throughout the evening. Momek […]
  • 11 September, 2014

    Industry is the most effective way of generating lots of jobs, on account of what we refer to as the scale effect, according to CEO Arve Ulriksen.
  • 10 September, 2014

    “Our primary aim was to seek out oil companies with interests in future fields on the Norwegian continental shelf so as to present Wasco and the pipe coating plant in Mo i Rana. “