Environmental requirements important to public procurements

27 May, 2015 11:41 Del Del Del

With “green industry” as a political ambition in Norway, the question is whether sustainable, eco-friendly production capacity in Norway should be crucial to choices made for building and construction procurement projects, or whether emphasis should remain on the lowest possible price.

In the steel industry, Celsa Armeringsstål AS has the strictest requirements in respect of emissions to air and extremely low emissions of CO2 per tonne.

– This is a situation which we can and must utilise, both as a business and as a nation. Coordinating environmental taxes, environmental requirements and requirements concerning the use of sustainable materials in the building and construction sector may lead to a win-win situation. The tools for implementing such assessments during public procurement processes are already in place. That said, we have to have enough of a political will to put this into practice, says the Head of Finance at Celsa Armeringsstål AS.

Del Del Del